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Until now, there have been powered and unpowered aircraft on the market. The latter often had no retrofitting options, unless they were specifically built with the capability to add an engine. We’re changing all that. M+D Flugzeugbau can retrofit jet engines to sailplanes and have them certified.

The jet engine has several advantages over traditional systems. It’s light and, fully extended, produces almost no drag. The engine is powerful and reliable. In short, it’s exactly what many sailplane owners have been waiting for. And now it’s possible.

Current status

Our MDTJ 42 jet engine has recently received its EASA certification. The engine first proved itself in the JS1, and is currently in use in 80 such units worldwide. Our team is currently working intensively on fitting and obtaining EASA certification for the entire system for the LS4.

Over the past few years, we have received numerous emails from customers and interested parties asking the question “Can the engine be fitted in my aircraft?” about almost every aircraft built since the mid 1960s. Information about the technical implementation and the costs of the engine, the fitting itself and the certification is, naturally, also requested. Our response is always the same: “Yes, theoretically, the engine can be retrofitted in almost all sailplane types.” Initially, we plan to use the MDTJ 42 for single-seat gliders. We are currently working on a more powerful version of our engine for two-seater aircraft to enable them to attain the good climbing rate of around 2 m/s achieved by single-seater aircraft.

Once we complete the LS4, which aircraft type should be retrofitted and certified next? This is where we’d like you to collaborate with us. Fill in the form below. There, you will find a list of the aircraft types which can be retrofitted. If your desired type is not listed, please email us. We will determine whether or not retrofitting is feasible.

What happens once I’ve filled in the form?

Filling out the form means that you agree to contribute 1,000 € towards the cost of the Supplemental Type Certificate (STC). We offer the complete retrofit of a single-seater sailplane for 29,500 € net (35,105€ including VAT). Your initial payment of 1,000 € will be counted as a 2,000 € credit (100% interest) towards the total price. This offer applies only to the first 40 applications for each aircraft. If you renege on your contract, no money will be returned. Important: the deposit of 1,000 € is not due until at least 40 people have expressed binding interest in a particular aircraft type. We will publish a list showing the number of registrations received on our website and update it at regular intervals: List of registrations

How it works

Upon completion (within six weeks), your aircraft will be test-flown by us, fully certified (where appropriate, the first machines may also receive a Permit to Fly) and handed over to you with an introductory briefing on the new, user-friendly technology and controls. M+D Flugzeugbau guarantees that no more than 15 months will be required for the Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) from this point onwards. Our development team can currently process two STC applications simultaneously. After that, we will proceed on a first-come, first-served basis. We assume, however, that, once we have completed the first two or three certified aircraft types, we will be able to reduce the completion time to considerably less than the current 15 months.

As a precaution, we like to point out here that aircraft operated under a Permit to Fly cannot be used for training purposes.

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