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Technical Data MD-TJ42

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Technical data currently available:

Static thrust 350 N (max. 420 N possible) *
Rotation 30,000–97,000 RPM
Diameter 164 mm
Length 425 mm
Weight (dry) 3,65 kg
Specific fuel consumption 1.3 l/min (can be further optimised)
Fuel Diesel/Jet A1

LS4 Calculated Performance Data

VH 220 km/h at 80% engine performance
Climbing rate 2.0 m/s
Range 320 km (in saw-tooth mode)
Propulsion system weight (not including fuel) Approx. 15 kg
Wing loading, fully fuelled Approx. 39–40 kg/m2

* We detuned the engine in order to achieve a longer operational life.

Range in the Jonker JS1


As altitude increases, so does the jet engine’s efficiency. At an altitude of 2,000 metres, the maximum range increases to up to 240 km in saw-tooth mode, at 75,000 RPM to up to 211 km, and in horizontal flight at maximum performance to 150 km. From activation of the system to extending the jet engine to full thrust takes less than 40 seconds.