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Direct entry

Are you looking for a new beginning and challenging tasks? If so, you’ve come to the right place. M+D Flugzeugbau are looking for curious, committed movers and shakers for various duties and departments. In addition to specialist skills, team spirit and a pronounced customer focus are of paramount importance.


Training is tremendously important at M+D. For many years now, we have been training our own new generations of experts through the German vocational system. We believe that a practical foundation, versatility and an eye to the bigger picture are part and parcel of an effective training scheme. You will, therefore, also spend time learning about the other departments in our company. This will allow you to understand your position in the organisation as a whole and to gain comprehensive practical experience. We’ll provide you with exciting projects, varied duties and experienced mentors.
What happens once you’ve completed your training? Over the past few years, we have taken on almost all our trainees as permanent employees. Take this opportunity to grow with us. We’ll support you in your career.


Theoretical studies or practical training? We can offer both simultaneously. As a practical partner, we enable you to achieve your diploma or bachelor’s degree through alternating theory and practical work sessions, while simultaneously gaining initial career experience. The practical work sessions offered at M+D are the perfect complement to the three-year degree and enhance your practical and specialist skills.

We’ve got big plans. If you have, join us!

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Cathrine Kniep
Head of Human Resources