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Get the Jet!

Get the Jet.

Having delivered in excess of 200 engine units in the JS-MD 1 and JS-MD3 we consider ourself to be the  largest and most experienced manufacturer of jet propulsion units for sailplanes. Our jet engines are used worldwide and are highly reliable.

Apart from delivering engines for brand new aircraft we have steadily moved on our initial route which was to provide a jet system that can de retrofitted in existing aircraft.

Now we can actually apply for the certification of a retrofitted jet system in the LS-4 in early 2022!

What is the route ahead?

We are currently working on finalising the certification documents to be submitted in January 2022
We aim to increase the cockpit load or the mass of the non lifting parts, respectively, by either optional use of NEO winglets or the positioning of the water ballast bag in the wing (or its volume).
There is no need for fitting a fuselage fuel tank, instead wing fuel tanks are being used which – in combination with redesigned mechanics of the jet pylon has lead to a lesser change in the mass of the non lifting parts and the cockpit load.

The result: Our demonstrator

  • Increase of empty weight just 19 kg. Cockpit load from 85 to 110 kg (for our demonstrator)
  • Fuel bags integrated into the wings and of variable volume depending on the  aircraft weight and balance of the specific glider to be retrofitted.
  • Elektronic fuel cock
  • Engine control unit by  LX-NAV
  • Engine sensor by LX-NAV for the documentation of flights.
  • Automated and fast fueling and defueling system
  • No fuel exchange between the two wing taks

We will start converting units from mid 2022. Please send us an email to and we will contact you personally!