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One of the worlds best Libelles for sale

Probably one of the best Standard Libelle H-201B in the world for sale. The “007” serial number 4, two world championship titles in the last 10 years, often placed at the top of national and international championships.

The fuselage of this early serial number comes from the H-301 and is therefore a slightly narrower than the following series. The production costs amounted to more than 50k Euro, there are about 1.000 working hours in the plane. In the logbook there are less than 2,870 hours total flying time, all LTAs are of course made including the mandatory 3000 hours inspection. There is no maintenance missing, everything is in excellent condition. In the last years the glider was repainted with PU/Acryl paint and was optimized step by step. A remodeled fuselage transition, wing to fuselage transitions made of carbonfiber, winglets, sealing and the original water system (operation and water bags) are included.
The aircraft has a brand new panel and is fully instrumented as new including 57mm Winter, new KRT2 radio with Dual Watch, LX 9000 with stick remote control, Flarm with backup logger function and Butterfly.
The operation and a cable harness for electric wiper system Hohloch are installed, currently a manual BWS system with Flexi wipers is in use. The elegant racing canopy, an elevator conversion from the built-in fin trim to the (better) elevator of the later series increase performance and make the aircraft a real looker.
A Swan trailer in good condition, a dolly, a wing wheel are part of it. A complete system for immediate use. The airplane flies fantastically and like a modern glider, the feeling for thermals is a dream. I am selling the 007 because with a young family I don’t have the time to fly without engine backup. Four launches in the last 2 1/2 years are simply not enough.

For an exposé with images please click on one of the tiles below.

Without trailer 22.000,- Euro
Trailer 6.000,- Euro
LX 9000 2500,- Euro
Clouddancer Uncutable (almost new) 900,- Euro
Asking price complete 29.000 Euro

Arndt Hovestadt
mobil: ‭+49 171 4978938