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Service Bulletin JS-MD 3 Rapture

SB No. Rev. Date of issue Affected Reason Time of compliance Annotations
Overview 0 31/03/2021 All serial numbers SL Overview N/A
SB-MD10-001 0 07/07/2020 All JS-MD 3 with jet sustainer installed up to S/N 3.MD083 EGT Sensor Location within 90 days after the effective date of this SB Work Instruction MD10-WOI-77-001
SB-MD10-002 0 03/08/2020 All JS-MD Single / Model JS-MD 3 up to and including S/N MD079 Tip Drain & Filling Cap Installation N/A
SB-MD10-003 0 24/09/2020 All JS-MD 3 serial numbers Canopy Gas Strut Inspection Recommended (Highly Recommended)
SB-MD10-004 0 01/12/2020 3.MD003 up to and including 3.MD092 Belly-Hook Release Cable Replacement Mandatory Work Instruction MD10-WOI-53-001
SB-MD10-005 0 01/12/2020 All JS-MD 3 serial numbers Tailwheel Main Shaft Locknut Inspection Recommended (Highly Recommended) Work Instruction MD10-WOI-32-001
SB-MD10-006 0 11/03/2021 All JS-MD 3 with park brake pin installed Brake System In-line Accumulator Installation Recommended
SB-MD10-007 0 11/03/2021 All JS-MD 3 serial numbers 03-001 to 03-007; 03-009 to 03-015; 03-017 to 03-064; 03-067 Stabilizing of Tailwheel Cable Inspection before next flight