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Finishing and Repainting

Dressed up!

We have made a name for ourselves repainting sailplanes. Finishing is the icing on the cake for every sailplane emerging from the painting chamber. Special customer requests are, of course, taken into account, and features like painted registration markings are easily accommodated.

In our state-of-the-art painting facility, all aircraft are disassembled for painting. With the exception of gelcoat, we work exclusively with high-quality, Akzo Nobel PUR, acrylic and EP paints.

Paint jobs on metal, wooden and composite aircraft are carried out using polyurethane paints. Paint jobs on fibre-reinforced polymer aircraft are also carried out using a tried-and-true paint sequence of EP, PUR and acrylic clear coat.

Our top-quality paint jobs are polished to a high shine with a 2000 to 4000 finish. We also offer a variety of special-effect finishes and can seamlessly incorporate registration markings.
Deike Groen
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