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Jet MD-TJ 42

A sustainer engine without compromises

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Many pilots are concerned about getting home safely, particularly after a long flight or a fierce competition. We have the perfect solution: We have produced an engine which generates minimal air resistance when fully extended. Unlike propellers, therefore, it does not significantly impede the glide ratio. It also boasts straightforward, intuitive controls and good climbing/level flight performance. Last, but not least, it has a high specific power-to-weight ratio.

The turbine provides the perfect balance between optimum climbing and rapid cruising. Pilots can choose between climbing at two metres per second at 135 km/h and a solid 200 km/h cruising speed. The jet engine requires no aviation fuel. Instead, it’s fuelled by regular diesel.
At the touch of a button, your sailplane becomes a jet. The experience is indescribable.

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