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Performance for gliders

As an EASA-certified maintenance firm in accordance with CAO, our experts are available to answer any and all questions pertaining to your aircraft. Our many years of experience guarantee that you will receive professional service.

We carry out the following maintenance services for sailplanes, powered gliders and powered airplanes*:

  • Annual/Maintenance inspections
  • Component inspection
  • Complete overhauls
  • Special inspection programmes to increase operating hours
  • Major repairs to fibre-reinforced, wooden, composite and metal components
  • Repainting
  • Exclusive cockpit design
  • Inspection and accurate reprofiling of the wings
  • Glass bead and corundum blasting
  • TIG welding
  • Yellow chromate anti-corrosion treatment for zinc parts
  • Annual maintenance and maintenance contracts for clubs and associations CAMO-certified since 19.07.2009
  • Supplemental type certificates
  • Aircraft retrieval and transport using special trailers can be performed throughout Europe, even on weekends
  • On-site TÜV certification for trailers

* in collaboration with our partner, Wilhelm Tank GmbH & Co.

Servicing Wankel and Solo Engines

Servicing, maintaining and repairing aircraft engines are some of the most vital tasks in aviation. Nothing can be left to chance. The highest quality, the use of certified parts, and industry experts to perform the work are essential. We carry out all kinds of work on all kinds of sailplanes, retractable engines, ultralight aircraft, and powered gliders.

Under the management of Christian Muth (engine maintenance) and Thomas Sloot
(sailplane maintenance) we have set up a state-of-the-art engine service centre on our premises. Our comprehensive, well-stocked spare parts warehouse allows us to react rapidly and carry out both large and small repairs quickly.

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Contact us:
Thomas Sloot
phone: +49 (0) 44 65 – 9 78 78 – 28
mail: thomas.sloot(at)