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Service Letter JS-MD 3 Rapture


SL Nr. Rev. Ausgabedatum Betroffene Baureihen und Werk-Nr. Gegenstand Fristen Bemerkungen
Overview 0 25/02/2022 All serial numbers SL Overview N/A
SL-MD01-002 0 15/11/2018 All JS-MD Single, sold by M&D with EASA Form 52 Warranty Conditions N/A
SL-MD10-003 1 09/09/2021 JS-MD 3, up to and including S/N 3.MD109 Use of the JS3 Parking Brake N/A
SL-MD10-001 1 09/09/2021 JS-MD 3, JS-MD 3, all serial numbers until further notice Replacement of Fuel Board N/A
SL-MD10-004 0 21/01/2021 JS-MD Single, JS-MD 3 (with a Jet system fitted), S/N 3.MD001 to 3.MD115 Jet JDU Firmware Update N/A
SL-MD10-001 2 25/02/2022 JS-MD 3, All Serial numbers up to and including 3.MD116 Failing of Jet Electronic Fuel Board N/A