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Service Bulletins MD-TJ42

TM Nr. Rev. Kategorie Ausgabedatum LTA/AD Nr. Betroffene Baureihen und Werk-Nr. Gegenstand Fristen Bemerkungen
Overview 0 RSB 18/08/2022 Various serial numbers Service Bulletin Overview N/A
SB-MD02-001 0 RSB 28/01/2016 Various serial numbers Conversion of Pre-Type-Certificate (Pre-TC) engines to the certified standard N/A
SB-MD02-002 0 RSB 21/05/2020 up to and including S/N MD02-0122 Working Instructions for modifying the O-Ring Groove at the Air Intake N/A
SB-MD02-004 0 RSB 02/06/2020 All serial numbers Replacement and use of a modified glow plug igniter N/A
SB-MD02-005 3 RSB 17/08/2022 MD-TJ42, all S/N Exchange of Fuel Fitting with a AN threaded fitting or metric fitting with integrated fuel filter N/A