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Service Bulletin JS-MD 1 Revelation

SL No. Rev. Date of issue Affected Reason Time of compliance Annotations
Overview 0 28/03/2022 All JS-MD 1C SL Overview N/A
SB-MD01-001 0 15/11/2018 All JS-MD 1C with Jet Engine MD-TJ42 installed Jet System Engine Wiring Loom Damage Inspection and Repair Various
SB-MD01-003 0 25/13/2022 JS-MD 1C all S/N with engine installed up to S/N 1C.MD123
Jet System Engine Fuel line replacement
SB-MD01-004 1 10/03/2021 All JS-MD 1C Inspection of Airbrake Blade 3 (bottom blade) Before next flight EASA airworthiness directive
SB-MD01-005 1 26/03/2021 All JS-MD 1C
Tip Drain & Filling Cap Installation